This is my first slideshow on this site.
I hope you all enjoy.
Feel free to change modify this design but give credit to me for the design if you are using it for a model.
<p>could you please give me the instructions? i can't see how to build this from pics. thanks.</p>
I have a racing buggy and i tried applying your steering to it....It looks great...is is a bit hard to put this steering on a vehicle, but it is possible, and after you finish, you'll have a car that steers with no problems&nbsp;
can you post instructions on the steering desgin
yea i copied the steering. i had to make it bigger to fit my knex car. i will post it soon if you want to look at it if you do please comment
U should post it cuz it looks cool
<p>Now maybe, just maybe, you can get the K'nex chair (on 'Ibles), and an engine, and a body for the car, and you can have a working car. A crazy idea, but with enough K'nex, it may be possible.</p>
I just made that back wheel, but i did make a car (4 wheel) a whileearlier and as for the seat and motor I have both and lots of them.
I got the idea from a radio controlled car steering.
Wow!<br /><br />An actual steering mech for knex!<br /><br />So cool! 5*
that's an interesting mechanism<br />
Nice job.<br />

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