Knex Turret Pistol





Introduction: Knex Turret Pistol

hey everbody, i made this turret pistol a while ago, but never got around to posting it. the turret is modded so that the pins are blue rods and not white rods. make logic boy's pistol first and then it should be easy enough to mod. the broken rod is not necessary.
Credits: Fred the penguin for the gun body, and for whome ever made the tr8 turret.



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    no, it is way to easy to make. just look up fred the penguin and he has instructions for the gun body, then you cand find the instructions for the turret by searching for it also, then by using my pics and reading the description it shoouldnt too hard to figure it out. sorry if i am sounding mean, i just dont know how else to put it.

    Can you actually build the turret right? Use white rods, not blue rods for those pins.

    yeah i know, but it wasnt possible to mount the turret on the pistol without having extra long pins. also i didnt want to use a black rod for the pin without using a guide rail.

    the turret looks woobble

    it is somewhat, but the connection is sturdy enough to last, i think i only had it come off twice and one of the times was when i was fixing it.

    well still it is still cool sub 4 sub i sub