Knex Type 95 Posted





Introduction: Knex Type 95 Posted

verekte2 presents you the type 95 posted yeah! (can't shoot)

Step 1: Magazine

build this

Step 2: Top Rail

build this too

Step 3: Parts+barrel

build this

Step 4: Handle

build this=)

Step 5: Main Body and Stock

build this

Step 6: Red Dot

build this

Step 7: Assembly

yeay! it's time to assembly



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    A micro knex black rod can be used for the sight aswell

    Pretty cool. I like the QBU-95 in BF3, will build if i'm allowed ( Need to study).

    4.9* explaining is the whole piont i need more help

    ur the best

    it's an awesome model, honestly, but i'm sure you can get it to shoot if you try hard enough. even if it's just slingshot. i despise slingshots, but they're better than nothing. and they're also simple as hell, so it should't be a problem. good luck...

    knex doesn't shoot very good if you want that shoot but isn't a real weapon buy airsoft

    i'm not gonna argue with you about this, neither start showing you the whole world of knex guns, but you are extremely mistaken. knex does shoot excellent if made right. besides, some of us live outside the US, where they don't sell airsoft guns, not the good ones anyway. and also, my parents think airsoft guns are dangerous.

    i live in holland and i have airsoft (from belgium)