This knex dock can hold many stuff like Nintendo DS,game controllers, TV remotes,And at last Ipods. this is my first instructable so go easy on me.

Step 1: The Base

follow the pics

Step 2: Make 2 of These

follow the pics

Step 3: Just 2 Pcs Left

snap em together and your done. you can put more stuff than i put on
not bad for first ible!<br />
no problem!<br />
i just wanted to make something that holds lots of stuff
kool<br />
did u make it
nope, btw, would you be interested in buying like 6500 knex pieces?<br />
i am !!!!!!!!!
really? even tho this was months ago, im still gonna sell them! how much is your offer? (EURO)
how many u.s. dollars = 1 euro?
&euro;1 = $1.39
any price that's fine with you is fine with me
kool, i had in mind about &euro;200 which is $279.20...(there really worth like &euro;500 lol) ill probably lower the price by a bit if you are definatly going to buy them. have you told you parents? ill have to ask mine to put it on ebay for me or something...
woah! umm.... <br>nvm then.
read above... ill sell them for around like $200 if you want i can give you pics tommorro.
sure show me the pics.
ill post a topic in a couple of days
probly should have said this earlier but a link to the topic please when it's posted<br>
ok, i need to make my ball machine 1st tho
also, i would have to check the postage, becuse it would be quite dear, meaning i would knock a bit of the actual price off for you. also can you pay by paypal?
no thanks but do you have orange tabbed connectors
k, yup, like 30 of them...<br />
k i wuz just wondering
k<br />
I made a modified version myself that holds DS and gameboy SP game cartridges il try and make an ible on it.
this holds my xbox controller perfectly
good to hear i would have added dat but i dont have an xbox

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