info on the gun
things not to do

dont shot you self with this gun it will go in to you and hert like hell

dont shote at pets (IT WILL MANE THEM OR EVEN KILL THEM)

Step 1: The Bow

this is a very long part of billding the gun but it is well wurth it .

Step 2: Top Half of Barell

this is only half of the barell the other half is on the next step

Step 3: Botem Half of Barell

this part is nilley the same as the other half of the barell

Step 4: The Triger

Step 5: But of the Gun

Step 6: The Handel

Step 7: Adding the Bands

you need 3 to 4 layers of bands to get the best out of the gun dont add eney more than this other wice you mite get the hole bow smashing you in the face and that will hurt like hell.

Step 8: Amou the Gun Shotes

i would say this is the best bullit to use

and your finished enjoy shooting
hey your spelling is a little bad but this is the best crossbow ever!!! i got it to shoot about 120 feet!!!
nice gun i was able to get a real arrow in it and it reched about 200 feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :) 5 stARS ONE OF THE BEST CROSSBOWs on this site
really good<br /> 5.0<br />
<p>this won't go into you, it will however leave a welt that will hurt badly.</p>
&nbsp;cool !!!!!!!!!!
&nbsp;5 stars !!!!!!
cool! make the handle better tho
yeh the handel is not that good i agrey
the rest is pretty good tho
whell i only took tow days making it
is that my mark or someting
no, its a smiley face sideways
ow right

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