Knex (very Sturdy) Combat Knife



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Introduction: Knex (very Sturdy) Combat Knife

this is my variant off of (credits to) "moxx's combat knife" notice the body is much the same but that the tip is nothing alike. also the inside mechanics to this knife keep it very sturdy. and it might be a new idea on the sight for knives? no clue, but i like it, althought the handle could be made better if anyone is up to the challenge. 
pictures taken with a 3ds so not good quality. 



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    (I didn't know deleting my own comment even if there is nothing after it now still leaves the "removed" sign :C)
    Anyway, I meant to say comparison doesn't help

    It looks epic, but it takes too many yellow connectors (which you'd use for a gun) to have around

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    if you think this uses alot of yellow 5-connectors you havent looked at my broadsword! its included in the gun collection

    hey, so i am also going to be making a two sided sword version of this. you can to, all ya gotta do is put white 8's in behind the blade on the outer part. and then have 2 sides made and connct'em. easy peasy. also gotta have a red 3 instead'a a gray 2