I promised it so here it is about actual size as well.The real wagner tuba is rare and is played by a horn player and uses a horn mouthpiece this one has three valves.yay i invented rotors =0

Step 1: The Bell

simple step smaller bell then my euphonium.

Step 2: Lead Pipe

slightly more complicated then my euphoniums lead pipe

Step 3: The Body

the body is really sort of difficult so pay attention to the pictures focus on the rotors

Step 4: Put It Together

it should be obvious were the bell goes but again pay attention
Thanks you've complimented on both my projects spread the word<br>
=D ok
You know that there is one more project coming<br>It's a HUGE tuba<br>
kool =D
do you play an instrument
yes, piano
I think that should be my next project<br>A Knex piano<br>
lol, Cool! =D
What would be easier would be a harp<br>

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Bio: I play the tuba and just about every brass instrument except the trombone I also play all types of wood flutes In addition I plan ... More »
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