Knex Woverine Claws





Introduction: Knex Woverine Claws

cool wolverine claws much better with 2

piece list only for one


orange 12
red 6
grey clips 31


green 8
red 1
blue 6
yellow 1
grey 6


y clips 16
blue spacers 2
tan clip 5
piece of string (about 20-30 cm)

don't forget to rate and comment have fun

Step 1: Getting Pieces

just follow pics carefully

Step 2: Putting It Together

just follow

Step 3: How to Use

just follow

pic 1 put on your arm
pic 2 put the piece of string on top of your thumb
pic 3 then on to your little finger
pic 4 then wrap around your little finger
pic 5 then tie a knot or some thing like that to keep it in place
pic 6 pull back the laws and make sure the blocks are in place
pic 7 pull little finger outwards and the claws will come out
pic 8 claws out and ready to attack



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    I added a handle in the front for more stability and control

    Hey check out mine* !!! They aren't retractable (means i pulls back not sure if its good like this) But they DO look much more like the once from the movie`s.

    What are tan clips and what are y clips if you tell me I can make this cos it looks very cool

    errm the tan clips are the creeme couloured things with a tab on it and y clips are litle black bits in the shape of a y

    Great fun but had to add another handle right at the front of mine as when I moved it around it kept sliding back up my arm. other than that genius design

    5stars it uses 4 tan clips though

    chipotle is awsome nice claws by the way