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four wheel drive with limited slip differential large tires, and pop up top


knexceptional (author)2015-04-25

Nice build :]

However there are no differentials in it...

There are slip gears yes, but a differential is a gear system that will disperse incoming drive to two wheels (in standard use), but while allowing them to turn different amounts (which is needed while taking a turn because the wheel on the outside will have to travel a greater distance). However there is the con of having the possibility of one wheel taking full drive while being on ice for example, and the other wheel staying stationary, thus the vehicle doesn't move. For this reason the limited slip differential was made.

I encourage you to check it out its details though and try making one! All the best!

ama1451 (author)2010-10-22

it is cool

dommy (author)2010-05-07

Please would be great if u did :)

Oompa-Loompa (author)2009-01-30

This is your coolest car yet!

killer carz (author)Oompa-Loompa2009-01-30

thanks it only took like 2 hours to design and build

 This isn't your design, look at my other comment, this is just a mod youngcookieboy's car

GTRPLR1995 (author)2010-01-28

Can you please post this. I would like to build it.

chris mayo (author)2009-09-23

Does it slip easily. Try putting it on the ground picking the back up and have the front touching the ground and twirl the rear wheels.Does the front peel out?

TheFoofinator (author)2009-06-24 Design? Check out this from before yours:

kanamin (author)2009-04-15

So... do the gray gears have pins or the blue? OR NEITHER???? In which case it would be relying mostly on friction? If either have pins I am jealous and wish I had gears like that. In fact I wish I had more gears in general.

pie lover (author)2009-02-01

could you post it?

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2009-01-29

sweet !! but it looks more like a low rider truck

it does kinda like a chevy ive seen

do u know what type?

i think its the ssr

i like the ssr and the car also i love gmc's yukon

my neighboor has a yukon what i really like is a cadillac my dad bought an escalade a while back and its super comfortabke

ive seen some of those but i still like the yukon

pls (author)2009-01-29

One of the cooler cars you've mad, awesome job dude, I really like the drive system

killer carz (author)pls2009-01-30

it took a while to get built but i like it because its got a limited slip diff. on it so if the front wheels lock up the rear wheels will still work and vice versa

pls (author)killer carz2009-01-30


maid63 (author)2009-01-30

very nice

killer carz (author)maid632009-01-30


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