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Introduction: Knex Heckler & Koch G3A3

this is my knex copy of the G3A3 assault rifle. this gun is more practical than good looking because my aim was to create a gun wich used a magazine with a closed top. this means that full magazine/s can be taken in or out (when the bolt is back) without ammunition being pushed out by the rubber band. it can shoot orange connectors and a few other things, and the magazines holds 10 (orange connectors).

constructive criticism is always welcome and tell please me if you want instructions.



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    sorry i can't post, i wasn't happy with it so i took it apart.

    with wat? *moves eyebrows with inuendoish grin :P*

    Very sick minded but very funny!

    fill the butt in with connectors DUH!


    wow.... you might wanna rephrase that...

    ............ fill in the stock.....................

    stock = butt

    butt = stock

    butt - is a big bulk assault shoulder rest stock - a small one like found on the mp5 get told

    then why do they call it a buttstock, HUH!?

    the stock is any furniture found on a rifle (i.e. the wood on an AK47) the buttstock, the stock and the forestock. the buttstock is the rearmost part of the stock on a rifle or sub machine-gun.

    ok thanks for the heads up next time!

    if ya wer bein sacastic do one lol if not sound as its easy to get confused n dat :)

    lol i think i got it lol :D


    ok good :)