I made a knex gun thats a cross between a ak-47 by the dunix and a m4 carbine by nightfox 939 the main body is from the m4 and the stock and fake barrel is from the ak-74

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TOAST!!! <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>I saw that somewhere, I can't remember where though.
no it is from jimmy neturon <br>
i think it was spongebob squarepants
Hahahaa :P
no... is POST!!!
lol a pun.
whats the picture for is it a fence post or something i cant realy post its so easy to make just make the main body of <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-M4_1/">nightfox939's m4</a> and make the fake barrel and stock from the dunkis ak-74<br/>
It's a POST, and I told this guy to post his gun
lmfao at the pic!
The stock is incorrect. The M4 has a telescoping stock.
Its just a m16 style stock, think of it as a m16a2 or ar15 instead of a m4
M4 Carbines are never used with M16 stocks.
Earwax is so cool <br><br>Ps if anyone offends the earwax a big scary monster will eat them!
Neat! I like the M47 better though.
I think the m4 looks the best.
there is no such gun as an m74
thats the whole point its a cross between a m4 and a ak-74 m-74
Ak-47? maybe
You've never heard of an AK-74?
ah, okay, I see
but Anyway, POST!
You spelled The Dunkis wrong
Cool, make an instructable on it.
Cool, your avatar is Chuck Norris now.
Ehh, no, it's Obi Won Kenobi, lol.
these are sic post!!!!!
um theres one problem... theres no handgrip
pffft u only make pics of the lil one and the big is better...just gife instructions for them both.
i like it but why u only make pics of the lil gun?i like the big one much more
do they shoot?
Awesome! I still love it when people wanna modify my guns.
<pre>very nice</pre>
The reason for the blank was? Do you like it or hate it lol?
Its a nice gun!!
Lol I know it's so....different that I like it.
How er....odd? It's kinda cool though, the thought.

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