knex baja truck with suspension, springs, opening doors and opening bed, best feature indestuctable suspension

<p>This was my first instructables I ever saw. I'm glad I found this again</p>
whats everyone think
sweet nice shocks its cool but the tires are small
yeah i know i ordered large wheels but i havent got um yet
how much were those wheels and where did you get them.
coul u please send me those springs<br />
if u have a R.c car/ monster truck take em off the car,
whats the suspension from
an R.C car/ monster truck
hi got the cool suspension now
post instructions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is cool<br>
could u please make the instructions for it.<br />
Please post soon. 4 months ago you said you were going to add something then post.
i fixed the truck and since you said you have the shock i will make the instructable knex baja 1 coming in a few hours
this particular model has parts that are not offered by knex (shocks) but seeing your intrest i am designing a newer model with only knex parts and household items. my desert rally truck will be coming soon
look at this and learn i highly recommand to make your suspension more solid,it's better in all cases and looks better.in my case,rc motors need strong parts... i want to help so good luck car builders
but his is solid-axle real trucks are solid axle :D killer carz I love the four-link but is there a lot of side-to-side play? how's the articulation?
when i got the correct wheels it had no side to side play at all but i am creating a new model for legofanatic that will be more functional and much more realistic
real truck are atleast able to steer
touche but independent suspension is so... boring and hard to drive without tiny universals
true,hard to drive,somewhat like old cars,first ones. independent suspension is cool! my opinion,that why i build it now i destroyed most of it,i'm building a nitro rc car replica
this looks a bit confusing to me lol, but it does look as if it would be strong, mine was built rock crawling and large jumps. my question for you is does that have steering in the picture you showed
well,it's the front of a car.suspension with elastics,toe in/out(angle of wheels,complicated stuff)+ steering.it's pretty strong,and it must be for a remote controlled race car.i will work a lot more on it
i know what yeah mean if i had some more peices layin around i would build better suspenion astheticly and fuctionaly but like i said ive got a lot of differant projects goin on at the same time but ill finish em' ohios gettin some snow storms
Not bad
I didn't think it would take almost 4 months to post.
post please
Nice truck, Please post I want to build it.
i will soon i just got some parts from knex and im gonna put em on the truck then ill post
I actually have the rc that has those springs so i'm gonna take them off tonight.
could you add a post it that'd be cool
what should i add
your baja truck
Once again, nice job:) Love the suspension! Looks abit boxy though.
yeah its box but i think its because of the hummer rearend i put on i can take the roof off right behind the cab to turn it into a baja like my rc truck i race
yeh but ill work on it

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