Knex Basket




Introduction: Knex Basket

simple basket

Step 1: Base

follow pic

Step 2: Sides

follow pic again

Step 3: Connect

connect sides and base to each other at bottom blue and purple

Step 4: Corners

add reds

Step 5: Finish

finish by adding blues on top and red connectors



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Pretty sweet dude! Almost like a pencil cup! BTW 41/2*s!

it was originally going to be a quiver for my bow and arrows but couldn't make a good strap

I just use real cloth left over from previous projects like curtains.

back on topic: Good and simple basket. Easily heightened from a red rod's height
to a grey's if I ever needed to. 5/5

ahhh that would be cool

just had thought if changed bottem to one hole square and made everything else in that size but same basic design tada pencil cup

this could be modifed for a ball machine take the panel of and ball goes throu

but that would be kinda pointless unless it had turns an stuff