here's the benillie montefeltro shotgun. this is one of my most sturdy gun it used that break action shells mechanism from s0lekill3r.
it shoots about 40 ft
p.s don't shoot on the santa because i want some presents too
if you want to shoot on somebody shoot on your little brother
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part list by killjoy (thanks for that)

White 76
Orange 70
Red 14
Grey 69
Light Grey 1
Yellow 91
Blue 2
Green 5

Broken White 1
Broken Blue 1
Grey 12
Yellow 16
Blue 38
Green 192
White 193
Bendy Orange 1
Black "Reinforced Grey" 2

Ballsocket 4
Balljoint 12
Hinge With Hole 3
Hinge With Point 1
Blue Spacer 4
Y connector 27
Tan Clip 2

Thats a total of about 837 parts.

Step 1: The Body + Trigger

follow the pictures

Step 2: The Grip

this part i really like
just follow the pictures

Step 3: The Barrel

ghtydvnrnvdkf just follow the pictures again

Step 4: The Stock


Step 5: Connect Them

connect all the parts

Step 6: Ram Shells and How to Load and Fire

this is the only step I typ so
1 put the ram backwards
2 take the shells
3 put two green rods in the shells or one white rod
4 break the shotgun
5 put the shells in the body look to picture 2 and 3
6 break it back
7 pull the trigger
8 take the ram back
9 break the shotgun
10 take off the shells
11 repeat all the steps
<p>im building it</p>
OMG I am making it now!
Kinda looks like a Browning Auto 5 too...
there are only 5 pics
he is not labeling the pics he is telling you how to load the gun
&nbsp;use hinges instead on the breakaction
i only have one hinger so you can use hinges but i don't
&nbsp;oh fair enuff
&nbsp;and you say 2 tan clips yet on the break action alone i see several.... *sigh*
ahhh to many pieces but a very good looking gun
gangster geweer man!<br /> ps (ik ben een nederl ander)
maar je bent nederlands toch? zoja hij ziet er stoer uit uit man maar ik weet niet of dat schieten echt lukt want door zo'n zwarte havle grijze rondjes ding waar zo'n bal stuk in moet daar komt et toch niet door heen ? reageer!
de ram en the kogel komen daar tegen elkaar enn dan krijg je om een of andere reden een heel sterk schot maak killerk pistol maat eens dan zie je het
do you pronounce W as V like in German?
yeah like Wie is pronounced Vie as in Wie heist du?<br />
here it is the new trigger:&nbsp;only ive used red connectors, nvm of that. the broken white 1 is still there as u see in pic 3 and 1
does the gun work by you??<br /> <br /> of werkt de gun bij jou??
ja hij werkt, alleen ik heb te weinig stiekjes xD
you made a treu trigger<br />
jup? what else<br /> <br /> <br /> mine is good quality xD ive shot more then 50 times with it allready<br /> <br /> ps. jij bent toch NL???? ik ook xD
de mijne is een slide trigger
This gun looks really cool but the range is shocking!!
I don't need a little brother or sister ive got older ones that are even cooler cuz if u annoy them so much u can get painfully pounded ahhhhh cant w8 till they come home good times good times<br />
cool geweer mann!!!<br /> <br /> alleen een kut trekker, maar die heb ik beter gemaakt<br /> <br /> <br /> (cool gun dude!!! only a worthless triggermechanism, but ive modded it)
thjanks man<br /> post picturer of your modded trigger
<em>if you want to shoot on somebody shoot on your little brother</em><br/><br/>i wish i had a little brother<br/><br/>sigh.....<br/><br/>stuck with a cry baby sister<br/>
me too, she won't let me shoot her
crying sisters are even funnier
but not when they cry and get you into heaps of trouble
if my little brother cry and my mother seen that I have to go to my room I have no tv or computer on my room so that very boring so now I shoot on my little brother when we are home aloon
i got 2 sisters they will cry and ill get in trouble is this a pump<br />
i got two little bro's&nbsp; i did nt do anything and guess what i get in trouble<br /> <br />
sigh... i know how that feels...
you tell me i have three older sisters aaaaaaaaaah get me out of my house seriously
oh really i got nine sisters.(guys mouth drops to floor.)ya thats right nine.
How did you survive this long?
I've learned to deal with it and some of my older sisters friends are hot so thats a plus
i know. (not really.)
I have a crybaby little brother. He pisses me off, so i shoot him and get in trouble. Then the cycle repeats itself.
hah its fun to shoot brian, except hes a crybaby
ooo! shoot'em with this! they'll cry even more!!! lol
Karma: She cries; I lose all my knex.
How bout an older brother... Younger brother (me) shoots older brother, older brother proceeds to pound younger brother

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Bio: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)
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