Knex Bow





Introduction: Knex Bow

my first instructable
this is a decent bow i like it
it shoots well at close range, u may want to add rubber bands for more power

Step 1: Connector Things

build 6 of these

Step 2: The Ends

build 2 of these

attach all of them with red(or grey) connectors

Step 3: The Handle(optional But I Suggest Using It)

this is personal it can modded for ones own comfort
1. make 2 of these
2. other view
3.attach to center of bow lke this(one up and one down)

Step 4: Stringing It

wat i do is i put a green connecter in the middle at each end (pic 1)
then tie a string between them wen i get it at just the right length and currvature(pic 2)

Step 5: The Arrow

very simple to make i cover mine in tape for structural suppoort
i also made tape fins

1. the base



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    You pull the string, how else would you fire it?

    hi its the knexman i was wondering if there was a way to make the bow not so flimsey because whenever i pulled the string back the bow snapped your forever humble servent the knexman

    Wow, this is so cool!! I have 2 questions
    1. You said to add rubber bands for extra power. Where do the rubber bands go?
    2. Where do I insert the arrow?

    1 reply

    1. Replace the string with rubber bands looped together or add a rubber band to each end
    2. It works like a real bow there is no specific spot.

    make more large like this .....................................C.................................
    pac man!


    this is a true bow and arrow.

    cool, but i would not use string, since it will put stress on the pieces.

    3 replies

    thats the whole point of a bow if you didnt put stress on the bow then there would be no kinetic energy and therfore no power and movement of the arrow.

    ya, i know but you have permanent stress on the rods and they will stay bent that way ruining all of them.

    presisly, string is a bad idea for knex bows.. but real bows u should use string.

    dude how u put ure arrow in it? mind doesing really shoot...

    2 replies

    sorry i havnt been on u put the orange connector on the end and put that in the string

    yeah i kno i made it long to bea able to pull it back far

    i like this.. i posted somthing smilar quite long ago... i find that mine shoots better, but ur looks cooler. 4*