the name says it all.
it just crawls.

Step 1: Make the Body and Legs

you can probably make it from the pictures.
once you have made them just set them aside.

Step 2: Put It All Together and Finish.

put it all together,add the battery pack and you're done
 good instructable but could you please put a step for the adding off the spacers between making legs and attaching for the long arm pieces please it would help 5* looks great
this is awesome but it does need a new motor
nice! this is my walker :)
It looks like the "cleanest" and most "durable" crawler I've seen - Some others have little spindly legs that break off and stuff. Only thing is if your motor is too weak it looks like it won't be able to move the whole body. 4.5 stars tho!
I know, the motor's power is disappointing and it has meant that my full size walking K'nex man may stay stationary for ever more! :(
why dont you get the trekker motor off ebay?
you could always add a gearbox to him to give the motor more power, but your knex man will walk like a senior citizen lol
Check out the ones I have on KI.
nice! I'm building 5*s + a favorite!

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