my first Instructable! its a flail, don't poke out eyes with it! for all you bigginers this is easy to make! have fun!!!

Step 1: The Parts.

this is a list of all the parts...

18 red connectors
17 or more chain pieces
12 blue rods
1 yellow rod
1 red rod
1 orange connector
2 white connectors
7 green rods
and 2 blue connectors that can connect.

Step 2: Step 1.

now take your red rod and add all 18 of your red connectors.

Step 3: Step 2.

make this.

Step 4: Step 3.

put the handle together.folow the pic.

Step 5: Step 4.

take the white connector and put one end of the chain on it.

Step 6: Step 5.

attach the white connector on the other end of the handle...the handle is complete! time fore the main part of the weapon.

Step 7: Step 6.

make this.

Step 8: Step 7.

attach all of the blue rods to the 3D part but leave a space at the bottom for the yellow rod.

Step 9: Step 8.

now add the yellow rod to the other end of the chain with a orange connecter...now your done!

Step 10: Finale Result.

this is what you should get...have fun!!
A few corrections... it is "goes", not "go's" - go's is not a word. Your and you're are different words. It is spelled beginners, not biginners. Fore is a term reserved for golfing; otherwise it if four, or (the one you want) for. Usually I'd rant a bit about your spelling and grammar (or lack thereof). but given the Instructable, I'll assume you're pretty young and maybe just not yet educated. So I don't mean this to chew you out, but to instruct you for your future edification.
<p>edification</p> <br><p>ˌedəfiˈkāSHən/</p><p><em>noun</em></p><div>formal<ol><li><div><div><div>the instruction or improvement of a person morally or intellectually.</div></div></div></ol></div>
Nice try.
co<sup>ul</sup>d th<sup>i</sup>s hurt anybody/<br/>
knex_pls ty for being nice on here but as for some other peeps... any way your creations are awesome!!! you are a knex master!!!
karossii I know what I spell wrong...you sound like a teacher thats like 100 years old so if your not here to rate my model or build it go away...
omg stop correcting my spelling!!! i was in a hurry...
'folow' is spelled FOLLOW.
3.5 for the awesome instructable and great pictures, but this has been dont befor.
you say that to much
Say what lol?
No "I think this has been done before"
Its true:D
plz rate this!

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