Knex Fully Loaded Street Cars





Introduction: Knex Fully Loaded Street Cars

check um out vote on your favorite car after 20 votes i will display the instrucions...enjoy comment plz



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    21 Discussions

    can you send me instructions on the 1st car please thanks

    i like the police car because a lot can be done to mod it into a car with a diff and gears lol colud you post them all

    i just made a version of your first model but its a little different. check it out

    i want to point somthing out the street racer has suspension(awesome) the hood doors and hatch back all open complete with street tires, check out my other creations

    the street racer thats my favorite too i think i will post an instructable on that one, if it means anything to anyone here i just posted a knex monster jeep instructable