Here it is my gears of war sniper rifle. It fires 200 feet with a monster rubber band. It is sturdy it hs been droped many times even of my roof dont ask why I was on the roof it hasnt even broke.

Step 1: Part List


Complete Hindge-1
Metallic Blue Clip-1
Tan Clip-28
Blue 3D-1
Y Connector-2


Moddified White-3
Gray-2+one black or clear

Step 2: Stock

Build this it should be easy to build from pics

Step 3: Handle+Trigger


Step 4: Body+Barrel+Barrel Extension

this is the longest step

Step 5: Firing Pin


Step 6: The Connection

Step 7: Rubber Bands

trigger band

Step 8: Loading


Step 9: Finished

go have fun
 people on you tube and instructabels are cluesss to hwot big a foot is. a foot is about the size of a 30cm ruler. if a gun could shoot 200 feet or 50 feet, evrey war would be over.
Hang on, range plays nearly no part in a war. It's all about accuracy and reliability.
Well they do, and my knex wars aren't over. 50 30-cm rulers isnt that much. Nor is 200 in the long run.<br /> 50 ft = ~15m<br /> 200ft= ~60 m<br /> <br /> Not that much. You can run 50m easily in about 6-10 seconds<br />
Im older and more experienced then you so shut up!
My gurss as to why you were on the roof was to snipe people.
<p>the bullit spin`s so no way it shoot`s 200feet</p>
It gets that range because the bullet spins. Spinning of a bullet is good it make it aerodynamic. <br />
Im not being rude or anything, but to me it looks more like the sniper on Halo 3. other than that, the gun is great!...except it can't shoot 200 feet because that would just be insane.
i was using surgical tubing when i got that range
Surgical tubing hey...i might try that =D<br/>
you shouldn't expect that I know how to make it just from the pics
I feel so stupid not understanding how to put this together... I need instructions as precise as legos...
ta nowwwwwwwwww i can have fun
that doesn't even look like the gears of war gun
well i dont see you posting anything even close to as cool as this or as close as a model to this
are you on drugs this thing can't shoot 200ft and it doesn't even remotely look like it, then what you did is changed it to that l96 you have
yeah i am im on prescription head ache pills
i made the basicaly exacy replica of the real one it shoots 50 and very powerful i will have it on soon just what til i show u how to build knex lol
im building a knex sniper right now that is longer than benfoxgs sniper ill post it soon
i dont know how this thing could shoot 200 feet with a firing pin. unless you had 5 rubberbands and shot at a 45 degree angle
well one question for you how did killerk get his pistol to fire that far
with a ball joint connector
nope i got 200 feet out of the pistol with out it
wtf, thats crazy! ummmm it had the firing pin lock, that right?
ye that just made it so it wouldnt fall out if over power
how then?
he got it by looking at other barrels and studying and then he made his own low friction barrel and my barrel happens be low friction
Well, There wern't many knex guns around when he posted his, so i dont think he could study other barrels.....
well there was like 10 out there
Most were RBGs. The rest did not have a very good barrel...
hate to break it to you, killerk edited the video to make it look like it shot 200 feet, but it realy gets around 70-80 feet =)<br/>
I noticed the scope on the sniper in gears of war is sort of tilted. Nice instructable 4/5
Looks nothing like the GoW sniper.
50ft max
well i got 200feet so yeah
can you make a video of you firing, i'm sure it is a good time but many people say "yeah, I shot it once and it went like 150ft!" It seldom does.
i dont have the gun any more if you read prevously made comments
sorry, i should have read further. thanks.
its alright alot of the time i do that
great gun but i had to destroy my other gun to build this one, and the side loading thing makes it so much easyer to load, good job 4.5 star
does it really fire 200 feet
could you put more pics how to make the barrel body and barrel extentoin
i dont have the gun any more and if you cant build it from this quit seriously it doesnt get any more simpler
can the yellow connectors be replaced with anything? i have 75.
you dont have to fill in the gun that will take off more than 50
wicked thanks.
What were you doing on the roof?!? Lol it looks pretty nice. Tidy and no uneeded parts. Five stars
on my roof waiting for my anoying neighbor so i can shoot him in the head

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