two types of grenades large one and a small one

Large grenade supplies:
-42 red connectors
-6 white connectors
-2 3-D blue connectors
-6 green rods

Small Grenade Supplies:
-6 red connectors
-6 grey one socket connectors

Step 1: Super Grenade

make super grenade. this is my improvisation of Techdeck30's grenade.

Step 2: Minicube Grenade

Make this grenade! it's so easy! great to use in mass numbers
LOL I luv mass producing these things?
LOL, impossible-to-get image note.<br />
not if youre a pro member ^^
my personal favorite collapse grenade.
i used 2 use this alot (mini) until i made my own grenade<br /> <br /> it uses:<br /> <br /> rods:<br /> white x8<br /> <br /> connectors:<br /> snowflake x2<br /> <br /> other:<br /> about 5 silver spacers (not nescesary)<br /> <br /> take the wite connectors and clip the whit rods roun the side but make sure u use the fat piece of the rod near the end.&nbsp; then put silver spacers on the inside and close it up<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
lol make a instructable on that will be way easyer to explain :d<br />
the minicube is my favorite knex collapse grenade.
mini ones are very nice...<br />
I made a few of the mini ones, and they rock!<br /> might make the super one soon, but I'd have to take apart another of my guns, but oh well :)<br />
is there any way to make this powered by rubber bands so that the pieces shoot up in the air?
maby<br />
I made a granade which is basically the same as your mini cube expect for instead of using red connectors i used the half snow flake onesand in stead of the grey ones i used v connecters pionting outwards
This is really simple.
Not as much as some other grenades.
omg i love your mini one so fun

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