Great idea for a hideout, or place for your pet to sleep(hence the hole on the door). it uses quite a few pieces, but it is really cool, and it has a functioning door handle.



Grey 1 socket =47
Orange 2 socket (straight)=44
Grey 2 socket (angle)=4
Red 3 socket=11
Green 4 socket=10
Yellow 5 socket=108 (one will be cut)
White 8 socket=81
Purple half circle 3-D=50
Blue circle 3-D=78




Blue rings=8
Y clips=5
"n" (Tan/blue) 1 socket connectors=5
1 medium rubber band

Total=1191 pieces

Step 1: Sides

make the basic pieces, sides, ceiling, door frame, etc.

Step 2: Door

make the door

Step 3: Finish

putting everything together
<p>My cat will love this. &lt;3</p>
If you could make this have multiple floors, I would be even more impressed!
im actually gonna try to attempt this, by making the chair from Mr. Muggle and then shortening its legs, and get rid of the back-rest thing.
Easily, Just use 3D connectors at the joints and make a sheet about halfway up. For pets, at least.<br />
This is wonderful, I love it.I play Legos in it sometimes, its great!
I built this a while ago with my other account but it is really neat. But it uses a ton of pieces.<br /> <br />
i dont think i have enough pieces......... can you make a smaller house? i have a cat and he just wanders around and never sleeps but he would probably sleep in that though.
Just downsize this one-use smaller rods, or just make the walls smaller, or just large enough for your cat.<br />
dude sypran that house is awesome <br />
reminds me of what i built a long time ago
&nbsp;wow you must be like idk THE BEST!!!! THAT LOOKS SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!! (i know u cant post it i mean come on ITS HUGE!!!)
ummm I took this a part like over... 11 years ago, the picture shows basicly exactly how it was made
&nbsp;i can see how to make most of it but not really most of the part close to the Left Edge
oh well.. srry I forgot over the years... all I know really is that it had a draw door that didnt work to well, even for a 6 year old so<br />
I made a bed, no picture cause it broke it was made from knex and it had 4000 pieces, i jumped on it! It can support sleep with 100% knex and pillows with ergonomic editing.
really cool, but isn't it using to many pieces? 5/5.
it isn't necessarily using too many pieces. most are for supporting the door, which is quite heavy for the frame, and the roof. i guess you could use all greys and red crossbeams instead of the yellow with the red crossbeams.
i just want to say that it is really good, but only for people with that many pieces, and they will probably build something like the SR-V1. it is cool, but the huge 'negative' piece count is really killing the 'positive' originality and usefullness. and i don't think an outraged pet can't destroy those walls. so it is more of a cathouse, not suitable for dogs.
yes, i agree with the piece thing. i did mainly make it for my cats, and the Sr-V1 uses a lot more pieces than ill ever have(just for a yellow connector count, it uses 335) and this house used most of my pieces. maybe ill make a smaller version.
Does the SRV1 uses less pieces then this???
yes. a lot less
you love what i love, buckyballs, rite? mmm 60 atoms, so strong yet so capable
really nice very usefull my lazy cat loves it kinda hard to build but I found a trick
you could even use this lock for the door if ya could figure a way to get it on lol XD <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_lever_tumbler_lock/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_lever_tumbler_lock/</a><br/>
Awsome. I put a sheet over mine so it's like a house. My cats love it . LOL
i could build it if i got enough grey rods
i built this and my dog could fit into it
lol pic 2 in the intro, is that your foot in the right bottom corner? lowl i think so, i dont want to use that rod from you xD
no. its my hand.
Wow, you have way too much time and pieces! This thing looks awesome, truly 5.0
dont really think this will keep you warm... ;-) xD
it is excellent
Can you live in it?!
i made a knex house, i now live it in.
Hey Orion!!!!!! nice instructable
i know him from school
make a few times larger, and place a tarp over it.. a tent!
lol very silly yet cool!
better than KB homes

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