Picture of k'nex imperial mortar/heavy blaster
a powerful single shot knex shotgun/rifle. can shoot 20 metres at best. i got the idea from ownedintheface's imperial shotgun but thought its trigger was a bit weak. it also has an ammo holder in the stock.

piece count(unfinished):
yellow connecters-39
blue snowflakes-37ish(variable)
white snowflakes-12
orange connecters-9
grey single connecters-5
wheels(no tyres)-2
red 1/4 connecters-16
biege connecters-10

and could someone please help me with explosive ammo i'm having real trouble with it

Step 1: Barrel

Picture of barrel
2.main brubber bands
i think i am gonna make a knex gun that fires fireworks XD not some kinda nitrates but just little thinghys that only give an irritating sound in your ear. with fireworks im not that dangerous to put in big fireworks. REMIND:IF YOU READ THIS AND SEE THE NITRATE IDEA, DONT TRY TO MAKE IT!I DONT WANT TO BE RESPONSABLE FOR HURTINGS OR SOME!
idk its old but it would melt... XD
I see. xD
TigerNod6 years ago
Dang! Why the hell more and more people are beating me to my ultimate quest to invent my uber knex gun??? Nothing against you or your guns, but I made a gun very similar to this one and not posted it yet. Here is a pic. Oh, and the one next to it is also very similar but recycled.
Knex gun.jpg100_0401.jpg
It's not very UBER in fact i have a more uber gun, just no camera...
O srry, that comment wasn't that old after all, anyway I have a more uber gun now.
i likes the older symbol, i think it looks like darth vader now....ps. you gun looks awesome, but 2 feet and only a few shots out of 40 isnt that great, what was the roblem with it? I might have the solution..
Well... It is meant to look like darth vader. The guy in my avater image is Darth Helmet, from the movie spaceballs! (funny movie about starwars.) The problem with the AVAMGERR is the barrel. But it looks dead boring without the large barrel.
it looks boring either way, the gear tunes the complexity and impression of innovation in the picture
Gears? There are no gears on it.
Oh, wait, you mean that big yellow one? It is removed now, I thought it looked kinda like an antenna or radar but in the end it came out as an epic fail.
lol you can put a boxish thing on one side and put a camera in there to make it a giant camcorder, lol
Lol, maybe i'll check that out.
Didn't you saw how old this comment was? By now I have a more uber gun too... :-) Too bad it's 2 feet range sucks. And only 2 out of 40 shots left the barrel. But it still looks impressive :-) So i am almost finished with my next knex gun, pictures will be up in a few days.
not really, its boxy, lol and i didn't realise that it waws you that i replied to.
im confused... which one's which??
Oh srry, the right one is recycled. The left one is updated and will get posted soon.
knex 3.jpg
bighead54546 years ago
nice gun havent tried it yet but i bet some splodies would work on it though
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Shot a exploder i made and it exploded in mid shot......bruised my face...... I'm working on exploder that goes far and explodes on direct hit 5 STARS
have you posted it yet?
aall506 years ago
looks quite cool
Der Bradly6 years ago
It has a good shape... 4*
Skreetsha6 years ago
Sweet dude! It looks way cool! 5 stars!