here is my knex knige it looks really cool
no more can say about this knife

Step 1: Part List

green rods 17
white rods 17
gray rod 1
bendy gray rod 1

yellow con 15
red con 2
orange con 1
green con 1
gray con 24
light gray con 1
tan clips 15
y con 5

Step 2: Blade

the blade looks really cool
p.s you con add some tan clips in the empty places looks at pic 1

Step 3: Handle

the handle

Step 4: Put Them Together

follow the pics
<p>If you've seen my ible, &quot;The Judge&quot;, I created a knife that utilizes the same knife design. </p>
Hm, not bad. I'm not a fan of knex knives really. 3.0.
<p>while they serve no functional purpose, they look cool as hell.</p>
<p>Yes four years later I've started to appreciate them as well, and looking back at this comment and this Ible I I have no idea why I never did in the first place.</p>
I built it,its a great knife.
im gonna build it, i rated five stars now its 4.90 ratings yay
looks like we had the same sort of idea =P<br/>
nice feet :0
how many ball joints do you have ?!?!?!<br />
looks like an african tribal knife.
Can I use this as a bayonet for my new Assault Rifle? I'll give credit where credit is due :D
yah im not a fan either cuz u know the knex arnt sharp in anyway but still it looks realistic and cool!!!
thx its cool but the blade breaks off easly still good looking tho
&nbsp;netjes! xD
for the straight par i use spacers.
goed mes
dank je wel heb je mijn forum al gezien
can i use this on this and then post it?
is that like a really long version of the blazer sniper rifle cuz the end and trigger looks similar<br />
click my name and find out.<br />
i already did, i didnt realize that until after i posted it<br />
it looks cool with my knife on it but no you don't may use my knife haahaahah just kidding use it if you want to
look at my new slide show
Great knife, but it seems really flismy. Is there anyway to make it sturdy?<br />
Best knife on the "Atar" (Website in Hebrew)! 5 star!
love hebrew you jewish i am<br />
i don't have a bendy gray rod, so i used a glow stick instead. now the one i made reminds me of a beam saber from Gundam Seed. lol!
Best knife on the site 5*
best knife ever . make it in metalics, it looks real! 5
sweet knife i can modifie it tho
this the best knife ever
this is the most realistic knife on the cite and it feels the most comfortable 2!
happybithday ur gun is the same as a other gun only longer and looks nicer but front and stuff is nicer xD
Great knex knife!5 stars!!
Wohoo I have a semi-clone!
definately the most awesome knife out of knex! round of applause from me too. uhh, 10 stars (if only).
very brilliant
*Gives Applause* Best knex knife and probably the best ever. :P
who tell me
i thought someone made something similar to this
hehe busy
I'm buzzy with them storm950
Buzzy! ;)
thank you all
this is by far my favourite knex knife on instructables. can anyone try and make it a switchblade or butterfly? that would be pretty awesome.
really sweet!
Looks better than any knives before!
Awesome looking

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Bio: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)
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