Introduction: K'nex Launcher- Six Parts and a Rubber Band

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Make a K'nex crossbow thingy using 4 2- way orange or black connector peices,2 yellow or gray stick peices,1 3- way connector, the biggest stick piece you have, and a rubber band.

Step 1: Launcher

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Take the orange or black connectors and the yellow or gray stick pieces. Connect the sticks using two of the connectors, so they are horizontal, and slide them to different sides of the sticks. Attach the other connectors normally to the stubs on ONE END ONLY. Complete the launcher by adding the rubber band underneath the connectors on the stub, and up to the top, so that the rubber band stays.

Step 2: Arrow

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Take the last peices and put them together so the stick is in the middle of the 3- way connector.

Step 3: Loading and Firing

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to load, put the empty end of the arrowdown the middle of the connector and down to the rubber band. just pull the rubber band and arrow like a bow and arrow, and release. THE


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This doesnt need 3 steps, you just need to see one picture

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Hey, I didnt say any thing to get blocked- and its in the first line of the instructable!!!!!

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