Knex M4


Introduction: Knex M4

this is so far my best knex assult rifle.
The gun has a curved removable mag,or a no-jam straight mag,and true trigger.

This guns can reach about 50ft MAX.
I will not say it never jams because it does,but not very often ,like 1 every 3 clips.
the trigger may fail every like 100 shots fired,or by too much rubberbands.Enjoy!

Step 1: Barrel

ok this is the barrel it is very plain and simple.
It may seem a tad complex but you should be fine.

Step 2: Handle

This is the guns handle the easiest steb aside from the trigger

Step 3: Inner and Outer Body

probably the hardest step of the gun maybe because the stocks really hard to...

Step 4: Top Rail

not hard at not going to post much pics because so easy just look at intro pic k?

Step 5: Stock

this is the second hardest part

Step 6: Mags

two kinds of mags the straigh one jams less the cured jams more often.

Step 7: Ramrod

self explanitory

Step 8: Trigger

very easy

Step 9: Putting Together Back Half

stock trigger and handle

Step 10: Front Half of Attaching

attaching front barrel and finishing second rail system

Step 11: Yayz Done! (kind Of)

ok well you get it



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    are you used to seeing the yellow half circle connectors?

    half circle connectors? which grey bits?

    office supplys menu? whats that?

    I was wondering, do you need to have the ball connectors for the mag.

    no offense, but the stock is too big and the body is too small (in height) and the handle looks ordinary.

    6 replies

    lollollollol!!! gettin revenge knowin my guns better wanna challenge????? me vs you, we both make a weapon of choice deal???? start building your gun tommorow. it has to be an assault rifle. range above 20ft. removable clip. dunkis will be our judge. your gun needs to be finished in exactly 1 week from tommorow. answer yes or no if youll accept. and btw this isnt an enemie battle. just havin fun c who will win. i still like all your guns and your xm8 but mostly your vector pwns.

    i wont be able to because im workin on a gun. and its used up most my pieces, pretty much all my green rods. i am definitely not gonna break it because its just to good. here is proof. its about 3ft long, but will be longer once i add the stock



    done with my assault rifle even though ur not doin it.


    i've always wanted to make that gun, but never got around to it. i have to say that it looks really cool! are u gonna post? U BETTER!!! wats its range?

    hey suppper late response. nahh not gunna post. range is 25ft shooting straight 42ft at a 45 degree angle. the foregrip folds. the mag has a mag relase button. its got the whole nine yards. btw shoots either blue or connector based ammo

    does the mag work?

    haha lol "THIS GUN WAS MEANT FOR EXPERIENCED KNEXPERTS IT MAY BE VERY DIFFICULT FOR NON KNEXPERTS." is that a excuse for a quick and easy (for you) instructable.

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    -this is kind of off subject- you like red alert games by command and conquer? (question to heat-seeker)

    Yes, yes it is.

    your gun works great for me and the instructable was was easy to fallow next time you should add a red dot sight and grenade launcher.

    1 reply

    i have a pistol grip,red dot,acog, silencer, and grenade launcher already built lol.

    what rods do A use to put that grey pies on on the barrel