Knex M4 Carbine





Introduction: Knex M4 Carbine

this is my new gun it is a very accurate m4 carbine it gets 45 feet in range and has a true removable magazine invented by ironman69 so without further ado here it is

Step 1: Main Part +stock

here is the hardest part right off to start
on the handle be sure to cut the white connector

Step 2: Mag

be sure to cut those rods

Step 3: Bands and Putting Mag In

put 64 and only 64s on it and do put that green rod in the mag to hold it in

Step 4: Finished

do shoot younger anoying siblings



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    isn't that killer safe crackers tbar mag?

    This came out first plus the both mods of ironmans

    It looks really cool, but I don't have that many pieces:(

    now i get it...its bolt actiton...i typed "knex semi auto gun"

    No it is not bolt action bolt actions have two chambers one for the mag and one for the actual shot when the bolt is pulled back a bullet is loaded into chamber 1 then pushed into the actual barrel at which its shot.