this is my new gun it is a very accurate m4 carbine it gets 45 feet in range and has a true removable magazine invented by ironman69 so without further ado here it is

Step 1: Main Part +stock

here is the hardest part right off to start
on the handle be sure to cut the white connector

Step 2: Mag

be sure to cut those rods

Step 3: Bands and Putting Mag In

put 64 and only 64s on it and do put that green rod in the mag to hold it in

Step 4: Finished

do shoot younger anoying siblings
Can I mod and then post
i dont have enough peices <br>
wtf is a 64
its a type of rb
isn't that killer safe crackers tbar mag?<br>
This came out first plus the both mods of ironmans
oh thanks 4 clarifying
It looks really cool, but I don't have that many pieces:(
now i get it...its bolt actiton...i typed &quot;knex semi auto gun&quot;
No it is not bolt action bolt actions have two chambers one for the mag and one for the actual shot when the bolt is pulled back a bullet is loaded into chamber 1 then pushed into the actual barrel at which its shot.
In knex terms this is bolt action...
i mean i typed &quot;knex semi auto m4&quot; and found this: (
rated it 3.............
im going to rate this a 1...lack of info...so it wont work. when u add more pics ima rate this higher depending on the results after testing
and the stock isnt an m4 stock its a m16 stock yes theres a difference. the mag looks funnyand curves to much and its straight
quit complaining you stupid wimp
ck got told!
all he said was quit complaining have u seen my figgen mr its 4 times better than this gun:the mag works barrel more realistic by far stock is not an m4 stock at all its an m16 modern stock then the body is wayy to fat and also the "mag has rounded corners i would rate the gun a 2 but i rated it a 5 for ur effort
nvm the pillows were i n the way of the corners of the mag but i dooo reallly like the mag ps im not trying to be harsh i rated ur gun 5
how is it too fat i compared it to my dads m4 carbine and there was not even a close difference
show me a picture of the two guns put together and then another one with the m4carbine on top and knex gun on bottom so i can see a siz difference and if ur dad even has one
um how about NO that is the stupidest idea ever and yes my dad had seen one he fricken holds one ever day in the us marines
Oh no he Dihdnt!
What defines an M4 from an M16 is barrel length. Not stock. Just because in Call of Duty 4 the M4 has a collapsable stock doesn't mean a real one has to.
actually what defines them is the m4 has a retractable stock and a shorter barrle for a higher rate of fire the m16 does not have a retractable stock and a proplnged barrel for accuracy and those game have a diffrent portrale than real life wepons
the m4 has a shorter barrel than the m16 but the real difrence is that the m4 is the tactical verson of the m16. so it has a shorter barrel and a extendable stock. it also has a rail system on some m4's. so the m4 has a shorter barrel AND a extendable stock.
The M4 is a carbine (shorter) version of the M16, so that it can be used in CQB/ CQC (close quarters battle/ combat) situations, although the stocks can vary, both models can have the adjustable stock, but it is usually seen on the M4 (sometimes thought to be a defining feature, as in combatknex's case) I hope this helps
yes but he called the gun a m4 CARBINE the CARBINE has a collapsable stock
Yes, and Carbine refers to the shortened barrel.
yeah but it also refers to the collapsable stock the m4a1 is not a shortend barrel and a collapable stock the carbine is the shotend barrel and collapsable stock
The M4A1 and the M4 Carbine are the same gun, but the M4A1 is specifically semi or full auto rather than semi or three shot burst. Sure the military use a collapsable stock, but that isn't what makes an M4.
sick gun man im making t =)<br/>
how does it shoot?
how do u put the different sectons in?
awsome it hurts people!!!!!!!
i love the design : ) but i think u need to add more info for the mag
could you tell me how this gun fires and works
It fells like that this is a lil bit complicated and mabey a few more pics would be a bit easier
one learn better english and two it easier than 123
Srry I was low on pieces and typing fast and I finished the gun and it's my favorite gun and I'm never taking it down. (:
he dont kno what hes talking bout and besides i agree wit u i had to rebuild it
I have a question. Whenever I try to add enough rubber bands to make it rly power full the fireing pin getts pushed down and I get confused...what's wrong??
I like this mag.
well the end barrel is very ugly(im sorry)<br/>put grey rods in the holes of the yellow connectors, then put mepain's barrel on from his sniper rifle=)<br/>but i like how you attached the trigger gaurd=)<br/>good luck makin knex guns=P<br/>
mag isnt great but your barrel is very good
the m16 mag and m4 mag look identicle m8 so ha

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