this is not my idea or knex soda thing it is knex mad's knex and gmjhowe's idea for the candy dispenser
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Step 3: The Bottom


Step 6: Attaching the body

Picture of attaching the body
Attach the body to the right side of the dispenser where you put the blue and purple connecters.

Step 7: Attaching the nets

Picture of attaching the nets
attach the nets to the body on all 3 sides

Step 8: The thingy

Picture of the thingy
this thingy ma bobber is there so the candy wont fall out (slide it up to retrive the candy)

Step 9: Finishing it

clip the bottom to the bottom of the body and put 2 gray connectors on either sides of it then clip then onto the blue rods in the pic

Step 10: Your Done

now you have your complete soda/candy dispenser so yay fo U