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This has good range and power for a mini bow but it isn't over accurate.


salami king (author)2009-05-31

would you maybe be able to add some instructions?

The Almond (author)salami king2010-04-23

sorry but I cannot post instructions as I have broken it up but I may be able to build a similar model

The Almond (author)salami king2009-06-24

I broke this about a month ago sorry for not being on for so long but I might rebuild it and post some instructions

The Almond (author)2009-01-22

please rate

pls (author)2009-01-14

Looks like the front can only take so much power.

The Almond (author)pls2009-01-15

acually it is quite strong

pls (author)The Almond2009-01-15

The pieces the rubber bands are attached to look like they can break off easy.

The Almond (author)pls2009-01-15

yes they are but the way they areint it makes it quite hard to break

pls (author)The Almond2009-01-15


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