K'nex Pistol





Introduction: K'nex Pistol

This is a k'nex pistol i have created. It is simple and powerful.

Step 1: Parts

parts you will need

Step 2: Handle

make this

Step 3: Trigger

make this

Step 4: Barrel, Trigger, Sight

make this using the trigger

Step 5: Ram

make this

Step 6: Handle

attach handle

Step 7: Insert Ram

insert ram

Step 8: Rubber Band

add rubber band

Step 9: Tan Clip

add tan clip here

Step 10: Finished

now that you have finished to fire you squeeze the trigger out.



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    pretty good. i just purposely put a random video here. Enjoy!
    ps. mine sucks mo than yours thats why i didnt post any instructables

    Waste of parts i would rather throw knex

    this gun is a piece of junk. its weak and ugly and you have to hold it with 2 hands.

    1 reply

    i agree but it s not really nice to say that but sucks man sorry just don't build anything out of knex anymore


     this is the only block trigger that i like =) its actually pretty comfortable.

    2 replies

    wow ur cheap damn you must be poor knex guns are only good if there tru trigger

    Don't hate. Gizmos like this are always admirable. ;P

    First knex gun I ever made. I Liked it until I discovered TRUE TRIGGERS.

    1 reply

    never mind i made two on one and got 22' from3' just by adding one more band

    i dont get what your ment to fire or how the trigger works. my white rod which is on the triigger keeps on coming off is that ment to happen? please reply soon

    don't build this gun, it's terrible. sorry but it's true...

    heh. sweet! :D

    I modded this gun, with a yellow rod for the firing pin instead of blue, and made the handle longer. It shoots pretty far for such a small gun.