Knex Plane





Introduction: Knex Plane

a old war world 2 fighter



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    it looks funny with its short wings good start to a plane :p

    I like it. i don't like it

    it is a funny thing only short wings but still nice

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    if you are going to build another plane don't try making them flat
    for direction look at these it a copy of a instruction book but just how it's made you mite get some idea's
    even my Fokker dr1 i basted on a instruction book only whit lost of differences there take a special look to nose the white connector that's makes it gets it round shape so no need to make it look like a box (no offence) you should have seen my first planes they looked not even better then yours so look at these and i your gona make another plane make it a good one

    hahaha verry short wings, and a big body!!

    Good, but the front seems like it should be elongated a bit. Sort of make the nose longer, the cab shorter and at a slighter angle. Overall pretty good.