Knex Project 1: Relentless





Introduction: Knex Project 1: Relentless

this is my first instructable and bigger and better are still to come.
sorry if some of the instructions are hard to follow because i feared that if i take it apart to much i may not be able to put it together again.
if you need help just comment and i will do the best i can, so with that out the way lets get started!

Step 1: The Lift

just build waht u see.
its not that hard :)

Step 2: Path 2 (in the Video)

again very simple

Step 3: Top Chain Lift

agian simple pimple

Step 4: Path 1 ( in the Video)

OMG this part is sooo simple

Step 5: Path 1 Part 2

this supports the path
also very easy

Step 6: Putting Them Together

this step is showing is how to put steps 4 and 5 together
this is a little difficult......!.nart.!.

Step 7: Base Support

easyer than adding "balls" hehehehe

Step 8: The "steps" Support

this may prove a little diffacult if needed i will do more pics

Step 9: The "steps"

the acctual steps

Step 10: Connecting Them Together

TBH it was quite hard for me to put back together

Step 11: Chian and Balls

easy easy easy

Step 12: The Motor

all motors can be used!!!!



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    nice sound

    umm: how many of those black things do you need ( the black tihng that pulls the ball up (lift)

    ok ty: in 2 weeks i am back at my knex and il count my then :)

    hey how exactly do u get the bit to lift the balls on the chain because ive been trying for ages and i still don't get it?could u please reply asap:) 

    Thanks for giving my machine a go, but I dont quite understand what has gone wrong:
    1. have you already connected the chain?
    2. Is it the fork thing that wont pick up the ball?

    cool! i have all the parts ecsept for a few peices but that promblem will be solved when my motorized madness ball machine comes by UPS

    You should add like a fan or something that spins when the ball hits it (on the stairs) to add some excitement! But very good.

    this was my first ever ball machine that built so it is a bit dull. ive got a new one coming along. it was inspired by I_a_c splat!

    Ah cool