Knex Remote Controlled Thing

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Introduction: Knex Remote Controlled Thing

RC your knex.

Step 1: The Parts

knex motor
old rc car reciever and matching remote
2 orange or red
2 yellow
11 blue
1 grey
2 tan
2 white or black
6 purple or grey (only 4 in the pic)
4 small ones

Step 2: The Electronics

Connect the power to the reciever. Open the motor and make shure it takes 2 AA. Now put the red wire on the positive part by the switch. Put the black wire on the negative side. Tape those or put in dead batteries to hold them in place.

Step 3: Make This

there are 2 spacers after the left wheel. There are 9 spacers in the middle.

Step 4: Put the Modor On

put the modor inbetween the two white connectors. Put a yellow rod threw and add one tan connector on each side faceing outward. Slid the wheels on. Put the grey connectors on the end.

Step 5: Drive Drive Drive!!!

Drive your RC.

Step 6: Send Me Your Pics!!!!!

Send me your pics!!!! I want to see your instructables in action.



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    I have a motor that had the battery/switch separate but my dog chewed that part and i threw it away. i have the motor and its housing, and about 3 feet of wire still attached. Would this still work for me? Its a motor from the Knex Sawblade Thrillride set.

    niftifty but it would be even grater if it could turn. try two receivers and two remotes duct taped together or taken apart and made together. and two motors on each side.


    If you look closely you can see more wires that were linked to a second motor for stearing. I didint want to take the time to use it, but will in the future.

    if u have a cyber motor u can use that as the controller i did and it works


    COOL!!! I will look into it. I think i had one of those but the controller broke. I still use the main unit though.


    You did I will post when I get mine fixed if I can remember where I put It and how to put it back together although it should be really easy.

    yeah that would work I didn't know your remote was capable of steering cool you should do it someday.


    It is radio controlled! It just doesn't turn yet.