this is a 7 shot knex revolver with a rotating block trigger. i got the idea for this gun when i looked at syprans revolver and thought that it would be better with a trigger. it is quite unreliable because of the the revolving magazine made from spacers and duct tape.

please comment even if you criticise it.

Step 1: Handle

look at the picture

Step 2: Modified Piece

i made this from a broken one but youl just have to cut it with a craft knife

Step 3: Body & Barrel

look at the picture

syprans revolver

Step 4: Assembly

look at the picture

Step 5: Firing Pin

you can alsoalso use a red rod

Step 6: Loading and Firing

place white connectors in the magazine as shown then pull back the firing pin until the trigger moves in front of it then rotate the magazine anti - clockwise until one of the white rods is in the modified piece. i used 2 rubber bands but it does put a fair bit of strain on the red rod.

Step 7: Thanks for Watching :)

please leave a comment
this gun is cool going to build
how many grey connectors are they
12 and the one modded piece from earlier
looks cool but only the barrel rotating bullet holder thing ey must be longer<br>
has anyone noticed tha this is a block trigger?
I havent built the gun yet but the cylinder looks like the greens will fall out, do they?
Block trigger?Although,people make hundreds,maybe thousands of these block trigger guns....10/10!
&nbsp;post!!<br /> <br />
is regular tape okay ?
yes you just have to wrap twice as much (not as thick)
looks cool :D
Why do you have to modify it??? I do not see any reason.
Auto revolver
look at the last picture of the pistol "CLOSELY" you see how the broken piece stops the white ammo from going past the barrel
pretty bad... block trigger, and you have to revolve it yourself. i give this 2 stars
well actually you dont have to revolve it yourself, you can put a rubber band on the 7th ammo then wind the revolving piece up. its just less reliable.
At the top you said it's unreliable. I made it, it is unreliable. IM hoping to do my revolver using that peice.
no.... if you do that wen u pull back the ram it will all spin out
thats what I was thinking
Well give him some props cause its the SMALLEST revolver on the site.
It's not, its a mod of Spyran. And I don't care. It doesn't work.
Lol. True.
Well...say that to Sypran.
mine did not use a broken piece so I couldn't do that =\<br/>
Do what?
auto revolver... maybe I messed up on the who reponded to who i have a hard time with that
yeah, a parts list
You need more connectors and more pic.s that are step by step.
lugnut1996 your right green rods work just like the white rods
It doesn't look very powerful, but I guess the advantage of this gun is the small size. I might build it sometime.
this gun sucks it dont even werk
why modify it to shoot a white rod when a green will fit fine
Can you add a parts list?
this is the easiest thing ever
why won't it work with one which isn't broken
you guys are such noobs! Except for spyran and vindicator. The broken piece is so when the revolver is loaded the ammo stops on it making auto revolve possible. Great concept!
Awesome job! 5*
woah I'm shocked i didn't see this (or that is has 4 views) and yeah thats kinda why I didn't put a trigger on mine. still you had an interesting idea with the broken piece I might experiment with that idea
Sweet dude!!! pretty good keep up the good work 4*s!

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