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Introduction: Knex Robot

Suplies Rokenbox,(make sure to get a starter kit),knex,and tape (9 white,3 blue circles,3 blue sticks,3 purple half circles,2 full circles,1 yellow half circles, 2 green short sticks,1 purple bendy stick,1 pink bendy stick,1 orange ladder, and 2 green 1/4 circles.)

Step 1: Step 1

connect the purple half circle with the blue whole circle (repeat this step) connect them with a blue stick. Then add on 4 white sticks to the sides. Tape the four back white peices to the rockenbox. (if you need help whith any of the steps look at the pictures).

Step 2: Step 2

Connect the other purple half circle to the blue whole circle. Get the other two white pieces and connect them to the purple pieces (you'll have to see the photo to know what I'm trying to explain). Connect the purple and blue connection onto the white pieces. Then attatch the blue sticks to the side of the connection.

Step 3: Step 3

The can't explain this step please look at the photo to finish. Sorry.



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      Damn bro do you even lift?


      its okay for your first instructable. Where do you get rockenbox?

      3 replies

      it's rokenbok, and you can get it on ebay or the website.

      Do you have it?

      ya. i got the very first starter set they made a long time ago., after that i got the crane and the monorail.

      does it do anything that rokenbok can't do on it's own?

      1 reply

      well no but there is a way that you can hack into the inside of the rokenbox and change the micro chip. (that might not work).

      you can buy it at the learning tree or the mall.