large knex sail boat with moving sails, measures 2 foot five inches in length, 6 inches in width, and 2 foot tall
<p>Nice design.</p>
its pretty cool im working on a boat similar to this one . its pretty sweet! :)
Is it seaworthy?
it will be soon im gonna wrap it in selefane and put in some balasts and see if it floats
or you can add 2 small botles (sealed) on thefont and back<br>
I was actually being sarcastic, but let me know how it turns out. :D
i knew u where sarcastic but it is ironic i was really tryin to make it float lol
this is in an instruction manual....I've built this before
can u make a smaller version plz<br>
Did you ever get it to float?<br />
its ok... bit skeletony and square though.
yeah i didnt have many parts left and it kinda looks like a wood frame
Sails are too rigid looking...could make a good pooper scooper though.
the sails or the boat would make a pooper scooper
Nice one! I have a laser and I love sailing.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2204/2246367665_a15ce66538.jpg?v=0">Laser!</a><br/><br/>Its a one-man racing sailboat.<br/>
Very :-)
Awesome! Neat little project you have there:)
yeah its part two of a three part project i also have a knex baja truck(1) which will connect to a trailer(2) im gonna post and finaly it will all come together with this boat and ill post the entire project
cool u might be able 2 make this in 2 a ferry
yeah if i tear off the sails and put on paddles and a cab

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