Knex Slide Action Pistol





Introduction: Knex Slide Action Pistol

here is my side arm i called it hallond is tha bom
i used ironman slide action and mag credits to the knexgod
it shoots gray con with y con
it's really powerfull for a pistol like 40 to 50 feet

Step 1: Follow

follow the pics

Step 2: Follow

follow the pics

Step 3: Follow

follow again

Step 4: Follow


Step 5: Follow

again follow
(_,_) that your wahahaha ass

Step 6: Ram

in the first pic there you have te ram between the rubberbands and the y+gray cons there must be 2 gray round thing
after this your done
don't shoot on anybody just shoot your ingoring brother (i always do that)



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    how do you load it and HOW IS IT SUPPOSED TO WORK????

    did anybody else otice it looks like a nerf maverik?

    It worked great when I had one bullet in the mag, more than one you pull back the slide and the bullets did not stay under the orange connector and just flew every where

    i remember building this back in 09. it never worked at all. i wonder if ti'll work for me if i build it again... ahh... not worth my pieces lol. i have a much much better smaller pistol. has anyone managed to make this work?