Picture of knex slide action pistol
here is my side arm i called it hallond is tha bom
i used ironman slide action and mag credits to the knexgod
it shoots gray con with y con
it's really powerfull for a pistol like 40 to 50 feet

Step 1: Follow

follow the pics
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imducky988 months ago

how do you load it and HOW IS IT SUPPOSED TO WORK????

imducky988 months ago

did anybody else otice it looks like a nerf maverik?

Nice gun Iam going to make one xD

It worked great when I had one bullet in the mag, more than one you pull back the slide and the bullets did not stay under the orange connector and just flew every where
knexGuy842 years ago
yes its a mistake
Sharir17013 years ago
i remember building this back in 09. it never worked at all. i wonder if ti'll work for me if i build it again... ahh... not worth my pieces lol. i have a much much better smaller pistol. has anyone managed to make this work?
What do you do with the parts in the last two pictures, or are those not suppose to be there that a mistake
Johnhall443 years ago
big gun that works ok, now try to put bluemullets semi auto mech in this XD
Bari05 years ago
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i dont get it

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how old are you?
why should you care?
ghostpotato3 years ago
dang i would make this cause i want a good pistol but my modded ossr-2 used up all but 2 of my oranges
Agony3 years ago
around 52 oranges
machop2006 years ago
uses a TON of orange connectors
Agony machop2003 years ago
how many oranges
hell yeah it does
No it doesn't.
zmxninja rensje5 years ago
yeah i no i had to dissasemble my 3 other guns for orange connectors
have u noticed replys to rplys get even smaller than replys i only just noticed lol
I wonder what it will look like 25 comments later... XD
lets see then
for smallification!!!
Aww yeah.
carrying on
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