My first Instructable. It's a pretty good gun the slide works awesome lots of power and really easy to built.

Step 1: Slide

Really easy step

Step 2: Barrel

A little harder step but pretty easy.

Step 3: Ram Rod

really easy step!

Step 4:

Follow the pic and make the trigger.

Step 5: Handle

Not a really good handle but if you can build a better send me a message and I will update the Instructable and put you name on it saying that you build this and this goes to all the other steps.

Step 6: Assembling the Parts

Follow the steps.

Step 7: Putting on the Rubber Bands

try and follow the pic but if you can't just put it where you think it needs to go.
Also you don't have to follow the step you can put it were every you want.

Step 8: Firing

Push the slide back and when the trigger go in to place release the slide and just pull the trigger to fire!

Step 9: You Can Upgrade

You can upgrade the gun. Like adding another small barrel and stuff like that and if you want to send a pic of it to me and I will post it on this page. I the first pic is my gun upgrade.
nice job<br>
Why have a slide and no mag? It is like having a fully auto and loading the ammo in the end one by one.
dilong paradoxus made a semi auto single shot.
oh yea i have build you slide hand gun and the mag didn't works so good just wanted to tell you
Did you use grey connectors and green rods as bullets?
you can
welll i didn't add one if you want to add one then do it. If you do send me a pic of it
Trainman did one that I thought was pretty cool here it is <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/X101-Ultimate-Slide-Pistol/.">https://www.instructables.com/id/X101-Ultimate-Slide-Pistol/.</a><br/>
not bad... ive seen it before somewhere, but wth i dont know lol. I HAVE THAT VISTA SCREENSAVER!
that's a macbook.....
its a vista screensaver though. I said screensaver, not laptop type. FAIL
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you don't need to hack them you need boot camp it will let you run vista on you mac
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From the manufacturer no they do not run vista but there's rumors that macs are better to run vista on.
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if you have bootcamp you and run vista on your mac
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y do u care? btw: not meant 2 b mean
this is a pretty decent gun. 4*
great gun! 5 stars!
Oh yea if you have any upgrade it send me a picture of it so i can post it on the upgrade page!
I might thanks!
not bad for a beginer. FIRST COMENT WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! the first gun i designed was a slide action. put a mag on it. 4* &lt;br/&gt;<br/>
Great for beginner!!

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