Knex Slingshot Shotgun


Introduction: Knex Slingshot Shotgun

About: hey everyone im the-ruler-of-craziness i used to be mad-mick but thats a differant story haha :p i like knex guns, bb gun, guns nuff sed so bye for now..go on then, get lost

the gun was made after darth geko man said your guns need more originality so i thought slingshot guns have been made many many times before ,but there has never been a duel barrel slingshot gun so here is the first (i think) on the site, and to clear it up this is a slug effect shotgun ;) 

part count:


1 slot grey:2
2 slot grey:2




blue spacer:38
grey spacer:8(or 24 blue if you dont have any)
black ball joint connector:4

Step 1: Barrel

this is the duel barrel of the gun

Step 2: Trigger

the trigger

Step 3: The Stock

the stock

Step 4: Assembly

not that hard at all

Step 5: Loading and Ammo

simple realy



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    Everyone stop saying its not a shotgun. This Is a very nice gun and as far as im concerned it is a shotgun, and i know one when i see one. I am building it right now because I scrapped my first build to make this one.

    very good job 'ruler of craziness'.

    Guns aren't shotguns when they shoot multiple bullets at the time. Guns are shotguns when they: (- Have a Pump) - Are Shell-Loaded - Shoot Multiple "bullets" at the time. But the gun is nice. 4*

    18 replies

    "Shoot Multiple "bullets" at the time
    you mean shot?

    no, most shotguns are "slug" compatitable so this can be considered a breech-loading slug-gun.

    not all shotguns are pump action. some are lever action,.

    some are semi auto. the AA-12 is even full auto!

    i have a semi auto, its fun, i can unload 5 shots in 2-3 seconds

    not bullets, they shoot "Shot" from inside shotgun shells

    Fully auto shotgun, arent all guns shell loaded?
    Multiple bullets at the same time, this shoots 2, I think, so, y'know =P

    then you have just contradicted your self you said "guns arnt shotguns when they shoot multiple bullets at a time"."guns are shotguns when they:have a pump, are shell loaded, shoot multiple bullets at a time". hmm realy

    he means shoots it outa one barrel... this gun is more like a double barreld pistol or somthng

    I mean when the gun has all the 2/3 things at the same time.