Introduction: K'nex Sniper Rifle CCG36.

Picture of K'nex Sniper Rifle CCG36.

This is my first instructable,so it's not very good.
To start, here is a pieces list:

Grey:(Two slots)34
Grey:(One slot)60

Orange track pieces:3
Tan clips:15
Blue clips:6

Step 1: The Handle.

Picture of The Handle.

This is a very simple handle.
If you want a better one, then try to make it yourself.
I think that would'nt be so hard.

Step 2: The Stock/butt.

Picture of The Stock/butt.

This may look a little crappy, but if you want you can change the stock the way like like it.

Step 3: The Trigger Mechanism.

Picture of The Trigger Mechanism.

This is just a simple slingshot mechanism.

Step 4: The Barrel.

Picture of The Barrel.

This barrel is not so hard to build, but don't try to cheat and leave some open spaces between the orange connectors, because maybe it'll break then.

Step 5: Connecting It Together.

Picture of Connecting It Together.

This step shows you how to connect all the parts you've made.

Step 6: The Quad-pod.

Picture of The Quad-pod.

This is my pneumatic quad-pod.
If you put some weight on it, it'll bounce down and break the "fall".


Seleziona (author)2009-12-21

is it a slingshot or a firing pin type? Could you tell me a little more about this?

cool bas3 (author)Seleziona2009-12-21


Seleziona (author)cool bas32009-12-21


Would you like better instructions?


Ok, I'll see when I have time.=]

Awesome :)

But there's one thing what's not cool: I've got very much homework the last time, so I only have time in the weekend when I do my homeword on friday just after school.


Me heytz sgool =/


It is a slingshot gun, and I think you thought of slide action because of the bullets you can store at the back.
there is a kinda handle on the back you can pull upwards, and then you can grab a bullet out.

ohhhh! makes sense now! lol

Seleziona (author)2009-12-21

i'm gonna make this!

yay pease rate too ^^

I willz rate when i build it :) 
Would you like a review? Is there already one?

A review sounds good.
And if I'm right there is not a review yet.

Lowney (author)2009-10-04

That's actually a quad-pod

erikos kostarikos (author)Lowney2009-10-07

Well, yes but I don't care a lot.<br />That was when I started with Instructables, and at that time I wansn't that good at English so...

Lowney (author)erikos kostarikos2009-10-07 you gonna rename it?

erikos kostarikos (author)Lowney2009-12-21

Sorry for late reaction but nah...I think nobody will make this gun anymore so I don't need to car about little things.

Lowney (author)erikos kostarikos2009-12-21


Senior Waffleman (author)2009-10-10

nice gun, ill try to make it soon, right now, im workin on a prototype on a sword/gun with a guard thats actually a trigger and it shoots a bullet, it still sucks, but like i said its a prototype, the barrel is in the handle and in the blade, its almost done. so yea

Haha finally someone again who makes my oldest gun =P
The idea of your "knex gun-sword thingy" sounds cool.
Maybe post a photo of it?

mabeh layta, i busy with school stuffs and all sorts

Ok, but you aren't Engl;ish are you?=O

im mexican foo

sbann5 (author)2009-08-06

how far dose it go

erikos kostarikos (author)sbann52009-08-11

well that depends on how much rubber bands you put on it. i only dit it with one but it also shot very far. like 80 meters. if you put 2 on it, it would shoot farther, but then it costs more time to load it. if i shoot with the bipod its like 70 meters range.

maalik (author)2009-07-28

he meant 20 pieces of the barrel

caseyrocks (author)2009-06-07

i made 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how do you mean?did you make 20 of my guns?thats pretty much dont you think so?=P
do you like it?=D if the answer is yes, then have much fun with it!:P

KNEX CANNON (author)2009-06-03

mine shoots IN a candle, but not THROUGH it. i also like it very much. but the handle looks not that cool. maybe fix it a little...

KNEXSNIPERRIFLE (author)2009-06-01


KNEXSNIPERRIFLE (author)2009-06-01


erikos kostarikos (author)2009-02-11

anyone made it?=P

Ur gun is pretty similar to mine. I don't see how mine is noobish. Ask 5 different others opinions about my gun. Then we shall see who is right.

knex gun maker (author)dynno972009-05-29

urs is rubbbish

dynno97 (author)knex gun maker2009-05-29

You haven't seen the range. Therefore, you can't say it is rubbish

knex gun maker (author)2009-05-10

i made it but a couple days later i broak it down its a great gun though i just wanted to make my sniper so i have

ok then:D once i putted 2 bands on it and it was shooting THROUGH 1 cocacola can :P but it is a slingshot so its not that rare or someXD

erikos kostarikos (author)2008-12-30

i think im gonna make some smoke bombs out of fireworks.
if its good, maybe set it on instructables.
are there any good ideas?
if it's yes, please post then k?
ty =]

DJ Radio (author)2008-10-12

its not a bipod, its a quad pod!

erikos kostarikos (author)2008-10-09

ty for compliments. im building a machine gun and mayby(if it works)i set it on instructables 2!

Oompa-Loompa (author)2008-09-26

Uses too many parts.

apples!!!!! (author)Oompa-Loompa2008-09-27

You think this uses too many parts.....

Oompa-Loompa (author)apples!!!!!2008-09-27

Yeah, I could probably make the barrel and that's it for my yellows...

apples!!!!! (author)Oompa-Loompa2008-09-27

Lol why don't you buy more pieces?

Oompa-Loompa (author)apples!!!!!2008-09-27

No money

hellpilot (author)2008-09-26

LOL Nice quad-pod :P

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