Knex Sniper Rifle-v1




Introduction: Knex Sniper Rifle-v1

About: im 12 and i play bass and i love to build stuff out of knex

my knex sniper rifle slide show



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    this needs a lot of work major work

    very good job

     hmmm... idk it needs ALOT of work. But whatev, 3.5 stars cause  you didnt post any info on the gun, it looks unstable and you only took 4 pics

    if you add some info on the gun, ill change my rating

    looks good tho :D

    oh yeah thanks ur like my fav knex builder

    ur welcome i havent built 1 of ur guns yet becouse i dont have enough pecies and i dont wanna take apart my sniper becouse its so nice

    In case you don't know; SR-v1 means Sniper Rifle-version one. So the name is already in use. Nevermind, you can always call it SR-v2 or perhaps something else. Gun looks cool. What is the range? and what is the power in the scale of Oblivitus?

    well its not all my design its barnski6's with a bigger barrel not killerks and it only shoots rubber bands

    y its all my design