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my knex sniper rifle slide show


ryry2011 (author)2011-04-19

this needs a lot of work major work

james4 (author)2011-01-30

very good job

KnexFreek (author)2009-11-09

 hmmm... idk it needs ALOT of work. But whatev, 3.5 stars cause  you didnt post any info on the gun, it looks unstable and you only took 4 pics

if you add some info on the gun, ill change my rating

looks good tho :D

bannana inventor (author)2008-10-16

Pretty cool!!! 4.5 :D

291jd87 (author)bannana inventor2008-10-30

oh yeah thanks ur like my fav knex builder

bannana inventor (author)291jd872008-11-04

Thank you!!! :D :D :D

291jd87 (author)bannana inventor2008-11-04

ur welcome i havent built 1 of ur guns yet becouse i dont have enough pecies and i dont wanna take apart my sniper becouse its so nice

TigerNod (author)2008-10-22

In case you don't know; SR-v1 means Sniper Rifle-version one. So the name is already in use. Nevermind, you can always call it SR-v2 or perhaps something else. Gun looks cool. What is the range? and what is the power in the scale of Oblivitus?

291jd87 (author)2008-10-16

well its not all my design its barnski6's with a bigger barrel not killerks and it only shoots rubber bands

Storm950 (author)2008-10-16

KILLERK deserves some credit?

291jd87 (author)Storm9502008-10-16

y its all my design

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Bio: im 12 and i play bass and i love to build stuff out of knex
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