These are swords i built because im insanely board.
The first is a katana
the second is a 4 bladed axe
the third is of a broad sword and the axe again
Katana is cool
What were you bored from studying your spelling?<br />
dude he just spelled it wrong it's ok
if you're implying tha he spelled something wrong, what was it? <br>only once he used the wrong grammar, he said- &quot;to big to fit in picture&quot; what he means is- &quot;too big to fit in picture
He said.......knex swords i built because im insanely<strong> <u>board</u></strong>
oh right, sorry didn't notice that
nice swords. i like the 3rd pic the best. <sup></sup><br/><br/>check my one out its called &quot;my knex sword/katana&quot;<br/>
i built that it was easy and i modded it to make for play fighting and stuff.<br />
&nbsp; Sorry, but that &quot;insane epic broad sword&quot; is not very good.&nbsp; I built and the blade keeps on coming detatched from the handle.&nbsp; Oh, wondering how I built?&nbsp; I clicked the pic and saw the original and zoomed on each part.&nbsp; Other than that, the sword is pretty good.&nbsp; I also built the glaive.
If you could post a different view of the katana I could probably build it.
i like them all post
Post the first one cause i want to build it.
If the second one has four blades, it is a glaive
either that or a mace o.O
eh post em all?
post the katana or broadsword
Seriously, Why can't anyone spell bored right?
Because they're too 'board' to spell...
haha, "punny".
I like the 3rd the best:)

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