Knex Swords I Built Because Im Insanely Board




Introduction: Knex Swords I Built Because Im Insanely Board

About: Im Clemens Yoeckel

These are swords i built because im insanely board.
The first is a katana
the second is a 4 bladed axe
the third is of a broad sword and the axe again



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    Katana is cool

    dude he just spelled it wrong it's ok

    if you're implying tha he spelled something wrong, what was it?
    only once he used the wrong grammar, he said- "to big to fit in picture" what he means is- "too big to fit in picture

    He said.......knex swords i built because im insanelyboard

    oh right, sorry didn't notice that

    nice swords. i like the 3rd pic the best.

    check my one out its called "my knex sword/katana"

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    i built that it was easy and i modded it to make for play fighting and stuff.

      Sorry, but that "insane epic broad sword" is not very good.  I built and the blade keeps on coming detatched from the handle.  Oh, wondering how I built?  I clicked the pic and saw the original and zoomed on each part.  Other than that, the sword is pretty good.  I also built the glaive.

    If you could post a different view of the katana I could probably build it.

    i like them all post

    either that or a mace o.O

    post the katana or broadsword

    Because they're too 'board' to spell...