I have to say that this is a pretty good gun.
it's very fun to shoot at stuff with it.It can pierce cardboard

Step 1: Barrel and Barrel Support

this step shows how to make the barrel and its suport

Step 2: Trigger and Handle

this step shows how to make the trigger and handle

Step 3: Attatching Rubberbands

this step shows how to attatch the rubberbands

Step 4: Ammo

grey rod attached to a red connector

Step 5: Your Done!!!!!

your finished now go have fun with my gun!
You stole my Panther Pistol. Just look in profile. It's been there for like two months.
Just look in *my* profile.<br/>
then you copied the, *sipriani*.
no I didnt
Theres no pictures for step 4.
Did you read what it said?
Grey rod attached to red connector..?
fine,I'l make you a pic...
Yaay, thanks!
are you happy now?
i know that...
were you trying to make extra work for me?
haha no.
good gun i made 2 out of my pieces regular colors and mettalics
making the barrel longer is a modification to think about

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