Picture of knexbuild  S.K.S.P.
This is knexbuild Small K'nex Slingshot Pistol. I think it is the smallest K'nex slingshot pistol on instructables. It shot around 50 feet at an angle with two #64 rubberbands that were tight. The barrel is only 3 inches long. This should be used in a K'nex war as a way to escape from the enemy if you are captured. Pull this out of your pocket, shoot the guard to stun him, take his weapon, and make a dash for freedom! and yes i have permission to post this
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Step 1: Part list and everything

read the notes
yellow 9
white 3
blue 2
green 2
red 4
dark grey 2
orange 7

green 21
white 3
blue 7

Step 2: Knexer who made this gun

Picture of knexer who made this gun
this is dr. richtofen version of this gun