hello this is my riot shield(airsoft proof) and my lego hk 21(can't shoot)
Ok-ish shield, but nice hk21!<br>I also like the shield handle, for some reason...
&quot;for some reason&quot; <br>i wanted to say that's what she said <br>to lazy
<p>How is that a that's what she said :P</p>
<p>no idea but dont go necro'ing two year old comments bro</p>
<p>shut up &gt;:C</p>
<p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/user/ohohojousama/videos" rel="nofollow">Ohohoho</a></p>
I seriously doubt that sheild would withstand constant fire in any airsoft game.
Put a lot of duct tape on it
I meant the actual she... wait... that's just a plastic box lid!<br>That would be shattered by support gunner.
Put a lot of duct tape on it, then it will be stronger (I think)
How is it that you're my 100th, 200th AND my 300th commenter?<br>And that... could work actually.
'Bout the comments: Lol <br>And yes, ductape could work indeed
No, the plastic would shatter.

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