Knexs Arrow Gun





Introduction: Knexs Arrow Gun

you can make a hand gun or a sniper

for the confusion her is a new pic

Step 1: Body

the gray connectors are all 8

Step 2: Trigger

very easy

Step 3: Handle

just build the parts

Step 4: Put Together

still easy ish

Step 5: Next Step

kind of easy

Step 6: Next Step

very easy

Step 7: Don't Do This If You Are Making Sniper

this is for the hand gun
if you did this you are done with the hand gun

Step 8: Sniper Scope

for the sniper and can go any where on sniper but can be used for other guns to

Step 9: 2 Part to Sniper Mod

still easy

Step 10: Put the Sniper Together

both of the guns are some what hard to load but the are good



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    i've made the sniper
    because i think it looks cooler than th e handgun
    great gun 5/5

    i dont understand it how can it shoot if the arrow doesn't fit into the barrel??

    i does not g in the barrel it sits on top

    love the gun 4 stars

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