Picture of  knexs arrow gun
you can make a hand gun or a sniper

for the confusion her is a new pic

Step 1: Body

Picture of body
the gray connectors are all 8
martydj4 years ago
i've made the sniper
because i think it looks cooler than th e handgun
great gun 5/5
is the rod a long gray or red???xD
ninjusk (author)  wantedweponsoffate5 years ago
lodefreak7 years ago
i dont understand it how can it shoot if the arrow doesn't fit into the barrel??
ninjusk (author)  lodefreak5 years ago
i does not g in the barrel it sits on top
I LOVE PANDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
james45 years ago
love the gun 4 stars
ninjusk (author)  james45 years ago
ColtonBlake6 years ago
Your user name is Ninjusk!! thats a pokemon!! I like pokemon too!!!!!!!!!!!
ninjusk (author)  ColtonBlake6 years ago
The pokemom is ninjask or something
derty1237 years ago
this has to much pieces !!!!!!!!!!
it does not
try building this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-SR-V1/
that's just the mini one. if you don't have enough pieces to build the "arrow gun", you must be using a tiny set.
ninjusk (author)  derty1237 years ago
I have no idea how that worked but it was awesome.
I don't get how it works...
It's a very good mech, build it, I can't explain, the gun is good, but I had issues with power and accuracy.
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
I made the pistol a while back. I give 4.5*s! I took out half a star because it is not all that accurate
yerjoking7 years ago
I like this gun, + 5, one problem, when I made it powerful ish, part of the trigger would break, but I fixed it easily
ninjusk (author) 7 years ago
ya i like it but it is not the best it does work good
oh i just posted my new gun/mod type thing
StyleCore7 years ago
IT CANT BE A SNIPER end of discussion
ninjusk (author)  StyleCore7 years ago
no not realy
arrow gun... some people call it a crossbow... doesn't really matter though, P.S COOL
ninjusk (author)  hippos are dangerous7 years ago
true that
that is awesome
ninjusk (author)  awesome man 42317 years ago
onizuka27 years ago
this looks cool i wanna make it! :D
ninjusk (author)  onizuka27 years ago
ninjusk (author) 7 years ago
look at the yellow box for trigger and when you pull the trigger it drops the pin( yellow box both on first pic) letting the arrow fly does that answer it?
o i get it. thi is a block trigger(kinda). but it better then the simple block so i wont post the list. kinda take this as a warning. please dont post any more block trigger(or atleast mod the block to make it a true trigger)
... There's absolutely nothing wrong with this gun. I think it's pretty neat. Block triggers aren't bad, so stop dogging.
ok. i get that. i mean that it is so easy to make this a true trigger. this gun is cool.

i'm confused. first you were for me now your againsed me. you posted the list. and i know you say it is for rod and stick(i forget the exact words) but then why is the AK-47 on the list? i even made the block into a true trigger. and if my ak-47 quliffies for the list then why isent you sniper on the list?
it is so easy to make this a true trigger.

Gun already is a true trigger.

you posted the list.

Just because I posted it does not mean I made it. I really don't care any more if people spam up instructables with kk copies. I'm on KI more often.

why is the AK-47 on the list?

Like I said before, I did not make the list. It's either there because of a typo, it's a copy of another gun besides a kkc (true trigger or not), Or oodalumps originally put it on when he originally posted it.

why isent you sniper on the list?

My sniper isn't on the list because it doesn't belong on the list. It is not a kkc nor a copy of another gun.
ok. the part that he calls the pin, i thought was the trigger. and that you pulled it down to fire.

the AK-47 is not a kkc. it doesent belong on the list. i said "if the AK-47 is on the list, why isent your sniper.

besides the long barrel, your sniper and my AK-47 are a lot a like. and both use a modified block trigger. and if my modified block trigger is on the list. why isent yours.

what you said about the AK-47 being on the list is just dumb. i posted the AK-47 AFTER you posted the list. so you put it on there.

ninjusk (author)  Mepain7 years ago
ninjusk (author)  ninjusk7 years ago
what list?
ninjusk (author) 7 years ago
like in new pic
ninjusk (author) 7 years ago
there is no barrel it fits on top
dsman1952767 years ago
i am confused on two thing. 1) how does it shoot 2)weres the trigger