Knitted Hood


Introduction: Knitted Hood

As a Texas girl relocated to Minneapolis I am always cold and never have enough winter gear. I knitted this hood because hats still leave too much skin exposed to the bitter cold when waiting for the bus. It is made from Lion Brand Wool ease thick and quick from a pattern on the Lion web site.



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    That looks so cool! I'm just starting to knit, but when (or if :?) i get better at it I'll defenitly need to knit this hat!!!

    i love it, and i want it.

    I like that alot. Might have to try that pattern.

    Baba! It turned out very nice and don't you just look perdy...TMFD...that's all I can say! It shows!

    Picture 3 looks like the gecko in the old school budweiser commericals.

    That does look warm and cute. Might have to try this out myself because its still cold here in cali.

    gorgeous - love the colors.

    My little noobles looks so cute in her winter gear! awesome little owls too!!! you have always been so creative! xox - Leslie

    Wonderful idea! You sure look cozy and the hood came out beautiful! I like the flower motif as well; it's very complimenting.

    Great job! That looks like a lovely place with all the snow, that's awesome!