Knuckle Dusters





Introduction: Knuckle Dusters

Although they may look like knuckle dusters or 'brass knuckles', I wouldnt want to use them if I got into some trouble. my pair are simply made of perspex. Very good looking, cheap to make and sort of fun at the same time. Impress ur mates, go on try this project, it wont hurt any one.... its plastic

Step 1: Construction

Its preety simple
1 get some perspex sheet.
2 look on google for some brass knuckle pics
3 print
4 check that it will fit ur hand
5 cut it out
6 stick the template on the perspex
7 cut out the shape
8 file the edges so its nice and smooth
9 prime it
10 give it 2 coats of cheapy paint and ......voila!!! u know have ur self a knuckle duster
all u have to do is add a chain and its a fashion thingy that u hang on ur neck! Wow



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    oh my goodness!! All of you lot bickering about emo and scene kids!! Emo and scene are not exactly about being unique as alot of emos i know are all the same.Emo is about music and that is where the term comes from.Scene just looks like an 80s/90s revamp!! My mate who is emo wears his brass knuckles chain every day religiously- not anything to do with cliches/dress sense etc but because of the Good Charlottes and one of their songs.You are lal bickering saying it is about this or that and all about being unique but all you have done is played into the whole thing of labelling yourself which is the WHOLE idea of being different itself.Wake up people and stop playing into cliches!!

    This instructable is a great idea and should not have had recieved a load of critism for which clothing genre they seem to belong!!

    uhmm, no. knuckles are scene. they is used to beat down emos by the scene kidz. (because scene kids are too skinny and weak to fight fair)

    You guys are all wrong. Brass knuckles are used by ninja (real ninja, not poseur narutards). It helps to hit harder. Also with one-fingered brass knuckles you can hit pressure points a lot better. P.S the plural of ninja is ninja. That's not a typo. Only poseur narutards use the word "ninjas".

    True, but wearing or displaying anything because you think it looks cool even though you have no idea of it's meaning or implications is very emo. So in this context it works.

    actually, although the word "ninja" is acceptable the real word is Shinobi, but you probably knew that and used the word ninja because all the narutards wouldn't know what we were talking about, everyone shames us Shinobi don't they :(

    Yeah, I love challenging Naurutards to "ninja battles" and watching them pull out plastic kunai and tying bits of cloth with tin fol taped on it to their heads then pulling out a good old pair of nuchucka and making them cry.

    oh, i love to do that too, exept when they pull out their kunai, i pull out a real one.... and my sword, then they run away screaming, lol. If i want to seriously battle them i just pull out my trusty bokken.

    Yeah, real shiny blades have the same effect. Makes them pee themselves EVERYTIME. One time someone pulled a "real" kunai on me, and proceeded to throw it. He almost "won", I fell down laughing and couldn't get up for about 5 minutes.

    OMG, that's hilarious! The Narutards are so annoying, they deface the name of anime fans, I mean I watch anime, sure it's entertaining, but I don't beleive it! Come on, you can wield a sword the same length as your body with ONE HAND?! and swing at at stupid speeds? LOL they fail so badly!

    I finally just whipped a piece of gravel at him from the fetal position, hit him in the face.