Picture of koi money clip on blender
koi money clip back.png
money clip side view2.png
The koi fish symbolizes a bunch of good things (strength, prosperity, good luck, yadda yadda) in some Asian cultures, and a gold colored koi specifically symbolizes wealth and prosperity.  With or without money, whipping out this clip from your pocket allows you to keep it classy while taking a fish out of your pants.

Step 1: Make fish outline

Picture of make fish outline
Find a picture of an uncontorted koi fish online.  Put this picture in the background of the 3D viewer on Blender.  Add a plane, delete three of the points on the plane, and extrude the point (Ctrl + LMB) as many times as needed to draw the outline of the fish.  Close the fish outline by selecting the first and last points only and connecting them (F).  
poofrabbit1 year ago
Well done on your win in the Money Clip Challenge!