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dari kayu sampah
kita buat kotak matabor


eddietohier (author)2015-08-19

Well done my friend, kalo di tambah cat ama di furnish lebih OK tuh bro

kunc design (author)eddietohier2015-09-08

Iya bro, pasti lebih keren kalo di cat dan furnish, tapi blum ada sampah cat yg bisa d gunakan

kunc design (author)kunc design2015-09-08

Maksudnya blum ada bahan cat yg tdak berbayar...

Danang JKT (author)2014-12-12

Good job bro. More better if you put a step by step photos when you made it.
Salam sukses!

kunc design (author)Danang JKT2014-12-12

Hatur Tngkyou Broo,

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-12-07

Awesome little build. I'd love to see how you built it.

how to make it, very easy. of the trash timber, wood cut to the pattern that I specify, and then combined wood glue

kunc design (author)kunc design2014-12-12

Sorry my English is not good, I'm the village

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